JURIS & JURIS is a full service Law Firm operating from New Delhi. It has expertise in providing quality legal service in various legal fields and has an impeccable track record in handling various high profile and high stake matters with positive results both for Indian as well as foreign clients. The sphere of activity of the firm includes not only litigation work, but also extends to giving opinions in matters concerning complex and ticklish legal issues relating to the corporate functioning, procedures and compliances and handling various legal related projects for corporate. The firm has as many as 11 associates including partners, having expertise in various corporate and litigation related fields. The firm has got the best human resource possessing impeccable academic backgrounds & exceptional legal acumen.

    The firm has built a very high standard in its performance toward ensuring disposal of cases at the earliest with best possible results. Building confidence through performance is its main motto & hence it is extra-sensitive to its clients� needs and demands. Every matter and project is handled by a competent team comprising of lawyers from different specialised fields. Such focussed and tailor made attention ensures creative and innovative thinking which, in turn leads to efficient and effective handling of assignments.

Organisation Structure- Juris & Juris, Advocates & Solicitors
  Senior Associates
  Research Associates
  In-house Consultants | Experts
  Other Consultants | Experts


Civil Law: JURIS & JURIS has a very established practice in Civil Law involving common law and numerous special statutes practice at various fora such as District Courts, Commissions, Tribunals, Quasi and non-quasi judicial authorities, High Court and Supreme Court. Contract litigation is its forte.

Criminal Law: Firm has an excellent track record of successfully handling criminal prosecution matters both under IPC and other numerous special statutes such as Company Prosecution, Complaint Prosecutions, State prosecutions, Prosecutions under Section 138 of NI Act, Money laundering etc. to name a few.  The firm�s main stay is its innovation on the concept of vicarious liability & mens rea in criminal litigation.

Corporate and Commercial Law: Firm has achieved an unmatched standard in corporate and commercial litigation practice as well as their compliances, which includes Competition & Consumer Law, FEMA Law having expertise in M&A, Amalgamations, Take-overs, JVs, Foreign Collaboration, FDA, External Commercial Borrowing, Infrastructure Projects, Corporate and Debt Restructuring, Asset Liability and Risk Management, Insurance, Cyber Law and Regulations, Money laundering etc. Firm is now leading the application and adoption of new Companies Act, 2013 and its new concepts such as corporate governance, Inter-Corporate loan, class action suit, NCLT etc.

Arbitration and Conciliation: Firm is an avid provider of quality legal opinion on Arbitration matters, regularly represents individual and corporate before arbitrators and various courts. It also deals with matters related to International Commercial Arbitration.

Legal Auditing: Firm is committed to provide flawless yet crispy legal audit to various corporate to pre-empt complex legal consequences. Firm has developed a unique model in legal audit.

Legal Engineering: Firm is developing Legal Engineering, a specialised concept, which would be widely accepted and required by corporate operating in a critical phase and exposed to various laws and regulations of different complex legal environments.

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